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Trauma Coaching

Living beyond Trauma

We have all experienced trauma, it's a universal experience. The range and scale of the trauma varies, but the effect on an individuals life can be debilitating. The effects of unresolved traumatic experiences come to the surface when we least expect, or want it, affecting our relationships, our self belief and our ability to achieve what we want, and deserve to in life.

Anxiety, sadness, exhaustion, agitation, numbness, dissociation and confusion are signs of unresolved trauma, as well as PTSD. Physical conditions like migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, fibroids, immune system disorders, ADHD, stress related disorders are also signifiers of unresolved trauma.

Often, we look for solace and relief in our work, in our relationships, or in other addictions, but this only serves as distraction and the effects of trauma continue to affect our daily lives. 

I use a technique called QEC that unlike traditional talking therapies, is centred around agency and making positive changes. It is fast working, accessible, inexpensive, and permanent. Each session will address an aspect of your trauma.

QEC is based in neuroscience and is a combination of:

Gestalt Coaching 
Focused Intention 
Cardiac Coherence 
Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis 


I suggest a 6 session programme, we then review your progress. On occasion, less than 6 weeks is possible, we work that out together.

Trauma Coaching is particularly successful in the following areas:


Health Issues

Financial issues

Scarcity and Abundance   

Obesity and eating disorders

Sexual abuse

Pregnancy and childbirth

Boarding school trauma

Achieving your dreams

Working with Addictions

Childhood Trauma                                       

Adult Trauma                                            

Relationship Issues                                      

Depression, Despair, Shame

Pain and Sleep Disturbances                        

Chronic Inflammatory Conditions



The method of trauma coaching I use is called 'QEC'. For more information, follow this link.


All sessions happen online, and are available in European and American time zones.


Your initial consultation is free of charge.     

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